Introducing Custom Texas Living

Naming a company is never an easy process.

I was soon to discover this as I began the processing of forming a company around the vision that everyone, regardless of their budget, should have a custom living space.

Within a name, you encompass your identity and reveal your mission. Have done this work for well over a decade, I knew that my style was beyond that of a simple handyman or “fix-it” kinda guy.

I wanted to generate experiences for my clients where they could enter a process of creativity, re-envisioning their living spaces, and, if they so chose, enter the creative process with me.

I wanted to collaborate with my clients, recognizing that some have the skill to start the project but would just get busy or get stuck. I wanted to re-imagine how we would use old materials on the job site, and how nothing would be wasted. I wanted to empower my clients: I was there if they wanted me, but they would be equipped to never need me.

It’s a big request…but the naming process began.

  1. Create San Antonio
  2. DWilliams Create
  3. The Williams Group
  4. David Creates
  5. Creative Dave

At this point in the process, I brought a friend into the mix. I hired Kevin Wessa, based out of Pensacola, to help me with my company identity, branding, site photography, and web build. Through the process of a couple weeks, I had written down my vision for the compnay, why I was forming a company rather than remaining a freelancer, and where I hoped to be in five years. Honestly, the process was grueling at times.

Throughout it all, he helped me see that was I was describing was an idea larger than myself. It was not based around “David.” It was based around the idea, the vision, of custom living for everyone, no matter their income level or social status. That where we live, where we spend so much of our lives, should be a place familiar, a place of comfort, a place as unique as we are.

It was based around the idea that ever hardworking Texan deserved not just a house, but a place they could call home.

It was based around the idea that “custom” was an approach to life, and a way by which we created the spaces around us, not just a thing, or a particular object.

The name was then born: Custom Texas Living

The tagline was then created: Custom living, on any budget.

With great pride, I invite you to learn more about us, to see the work we’ve created, and to reach out with your next idea for a project, and learn how me and my San Antonio team can help bring your wildest ideas to life!

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