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Hi, we're Custom Texas Living. It's great to meet you!

"Hardworking" means we push ourselves everyday to higher standards. It means clean jobsites. It means 100% satisfaction. It means putting our clients first.

"Innovative" means finding new ways to keep projects under budget and reducing material waste. It means finding ways to finish projects early and under budget whenever possible.

"Creative" means building something resilient, and always new, for our clients and our communities. It means fresh perspectives. It means groundbreaking designs. It means every budget getting something truly unique.

We start with


What we believe

should be

People often shy away from "custom" work. Understandable. "Custom" often equals "expensive." We build our company and stake our name on creative designs for every budget.

We believe that we have a responsibility to approach every jobsite with a fresh perspective. We believe we have a responsibility to empower our clients with the tools to continually recreat their spaces. We believe materials should not be wasted, and that we can always find better ways to repurpose, recreate, and reuse.

It's a tall order, yeah, but with sore muscles and a smile on our faces, we start with creative design and aim for custom living.

We aim for


Our History

Envisioned: 2002
Formed: 2017

After spending many years working with small and large businesses, I picked up many different trades. Alongside trade masters in welding, woodwork, painting, landscaping, and masonry I roughened my hands with work and filled my mind with technical skills. While learning these skills, I honed my skills as an artist. In all of my interactions, I began to notice a pattern: needs were not being met in the DIY community. Some gave up from a lack of technical knowledge, others from an overabundance of information, others from a lack of the proper tools. People wanted to beautify their living spaces and I wanted to help.

In conjunction with this pattern I noticed, I began to explore ways of leaving a smaller ecological footprint through sustainability, permaculture, and eco-friendly alternatives. 
Born from a desire to combine all of my knowledge to help others experience creative design and custom living, I began to work for myself in January of 2017, forming Custom Texas Living, LLC.

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"They would work from 8AM into the night time to get the job done."
- Steve A.
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