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We Listen.

Our process begins by listening: listening to what you're looking to accomplish, what problem you're trying to solve, and your ideal situation with your timeframe and budget.

After discussing your vision for the project, we determine if there are any current materials you have that can be included in the process. This helps keeps our project costs low, and reduce onsite waste. After this, you will receive an estimate based on your provided budget and timeframe to an email you provide and, once approved in writing, we get to work for you.

With the project underway, you always have the option to change or add details. We often find that our clients become excited by the progress, and want to increase the scope of the project.

"I am impressed that Custom Texas Living was willing to be flexible and really give me what I wanted."

We Design.

Everything we do is fueled by the principle of creative design. Your living space is your own, so we never force you into pre-established templates. Your living space should reflect you.

Our process of creative design refers to the imaginative or innovative implementation of un-purposed materials or resources found on site, within the local/immediate area for minimal cost, as well as re-purposing unwanted or discarded items, for the purpose of functionality, aesthetic, or sustainability. In short, we reimagine, repurpose, and recreate your living space.

Whether a property owner or renter, our goal is to help you achieve a desired experience within your everyday living.


We Build.

We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations. From the initial consultation, all the way to the final build, we aim for 100% satisfaction. Many of our customers have done more than one project with us, and we see ourselves as partners in the San Antonio area.

Begin with creative designs, aim for custom living.

One of the ways Custom Texas Living differs from the rest is by giving you the choice how your project is built. We offer the "Consultant", the "Assistant," and the "Get 'Em Done." So, whether you want to learn what we know, or just see the completed project, we have options for you.


The Consultant

The "Consultant" is for the individual with a project in mind who remains unsure how to approach it, plan it, begin it, or attack it. From brainstorming to troubleshooting, we can help with every step of the process, jumping in whenever needed, to ensure your final product is everything you hoped it would be.


The Assistant

The "Assistant" is for the individual who has the perfect project planned to the "T" but needs an extra set of hands. We can provide the needed manpower. We go beyond simple guidance to working side-by-side with you in the trenches. This includes projects you already have planned or ones you would like to do and learn how to get it done.

Complete Package

The Complete Package

The "Complete Package" is for the individual who has a complete idea, or maybe just the hunch of one, and wants to hire us to take it from concept to completion. From initial planning to completed project, we work your idea to completion and your satisfaction. If you have a great idea, but a lot on your plate, choose this option.

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"They would work from 8AM into the night time to get the job done."
- Steve A.
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