Allen Fire Pit and Patio

The "Chill Spot."

The Challenge

Mr. Allen had an abundance of flagstone that from a rebate with the city. He initially attempted to start the project himself but due to a back injury was unable to get past the initial phase.

Type of Project
Outdoor Renovation
Days Spend on the Project

The Result

After taking readings for the slope and grade of the land, we discovered that one side of the site would have to come down about one foot and the other side would come up several inches. We used road base and compacted it for the foundation. We lined the edges with large pieces of limestone. We then filled the area with sand to support and level the flagstone. Using the natural edges we fitted pieces together like a giant puzzle.

Next, we built the fire pit with special heat resistant firestone bricks. We then made a custom lining and top cap of flagstone, making sure to leave holes for oxygen flow.
 Finally we compacted decomposed granite within the cracks of the patio to prevent erosion.

The Allens loved the new chill space!

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