Diaz Fence Project

A low maintenance, privacy, deer fence.

The Challenge

During the initial consultation, Mr. Diaz expressed his desire for a privacy fence that would allow him to secure his yard and back garden from both the invasive deer population and nosey neighbors.

Looking towards the future, Mr. Diaz did not want the traditional wood picket fence and the inevitable maintenance that would come along with it.

During the consultation, we decided to go with galvanized steel to match preexisting siding on his back patio along with metal fence post to insure long life. For the gates, we built custom frames for old doors Mr. Diaz had on site.

Type of Project
Outdoor Renovation
Days Spend on the Project

The Result

Because there were primarily metal materials, we decided to add a wooden face plate over the posts, serving a dual purpose: to cover the seams and soften the visual of a solid metal fence. For the portion of the fence facing the front of the house, we decided to go with wood to give a more traditional look. Two glass French doors were installed for the gate in this portion of fencing.

The challenge on this project was the rocky soil. Digging was quite difficult and laborious as we had to place the poles at a minimum of 24” to ensure stability. Luckily we had use of a jack hammer at times. In the end, all 52 posts got into the ground.

We were able to achieve our goals of privacy, deer control, and low maintenance. We made a few changes and compromised with the addition of the wooden face plates attached at the posts, which would require some yearly maintenance. They kept with the overall design and feel of the project and gave us a much more desirable appearance.

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