The Casa Grande Fence

A Shou Sugi Ban Privacy Fence

The Challenge

Keeping in the exploration of Shou Sugi Ban we decided to do a complete 300' foot  fence in this ancient Japanese style. We received a huge discount on the cedar lumber because it was mildewed over, however since we were flame treating all the wood this was an insignificant factor.

Through the heat of summer and several heat advisory days we burned away, treating in total over 1,000 pickets. We also hand dug over 53 post holes, treated and attached over 90 cross beams.

Type of Project
Outdoor Renovation
Days Spend on the Project

The Result

This turned out to be a great family project! throughout the heat of the summer my nephew Buba toiled along side me, digging holes, charring wood and attaching pickets. Even Mama Williams came out to give the flame thrower a whirl.

In the end we were left with a silky black velvet fence, protected from UV rays, weather, mold, and insects.

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