The Moreno Fence

Safety and privacy for the kids.

The Challenge

Mrs. Moreno contacted us after purchasing a new home on the Northwest side of San Antonio.

She reached out because she was concerned for the safety of her nieces and nephews when they would visit her. In the back yard, the neighbor’s dogs frequently got through the existing chain-link fence and were a threat to not only the children but to her smaller dogs.

She wanted the children to be able to play safely in the lush green grass of her front yard.

Type of Project
Outdoor Renovation
Days Spend on the Project

The Result

In the front of the house we decided to go with a simple four foot chain-link fence, keeping within the guidelines of the neighborhood association and city regulations. We also added a fenced in section along the side of the house for the dogs, with two gates which would allow her to pass from the front to the back yard. In the back yard we decided to go with a six foot wooden picket fence for both safety and privacy. We left the existing chain-link fence intact and installed the picket fence directly in front, providing a double measure of security from the dogs next door.

In the end Mrs. Moreno felt confident that the children could play safely, whether in lush grass of the front yard or away from the intruding dogs and prying eyes in the back yard.

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