Tiny Home Deck

Tiny Home, Big Deck

The Challenge

The tiny home was set in place but still didn't feel complete. Several problems needed to be addressed; steep steps, no handrail, exposed undercarriage, and lack of outdoor lounging area. our client the Reverend wanted a nice deck space on which guests could lounge comfortably and enjoy the beautiful garden.

With this solution we could address all theses issues.

Type of Project
Outdoor Renovation
Days Spend on the Project

The Result

First we had to measure the slope and the grade of the land in front of the tiny home. There was about a two foot difference on opposing corners. We also added landscape fabric to prevent weeds and grass from growing underneath the deck. Posts were set, the deck was framed out,  joists mounted, and the deck top was installed.

We also added a lattice trim around the deck and tiny home to prevent rodents and animals from sheltering, and to obstruct the unsightly view. Finally we added two coats of stain to both the deck and the lattice trim.

At the end of the day our client was supper happy with her new deck.  It was finally starting to feel like home thanks to the help of Custom Texas Living.

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