Williams Cabinet Restoration

Revealing the "good wood" underneath.

The Challenge

Mrs. Williams was contemplating selling her home and contacted me about touching up the cabinets in her kitchen. During the initial consultation, we noticed one of the cabinets had a scratch which exposed the underlying wood. After discussing it with her, we agreed it would be great to reveal the "good wood under" the paint.

We decided to do one door first as a test sample to see the type and quality of the wood. After scraping layers of paint, a beautiful Knotty Pine was revealed.

Type of Project
Indoor Renovation
Days Spend on the Project

The Result

We decided to go ahead with the project and refinish all the doors, showcasing their natural look. The process was quite tedious. We scrapped all the doors, sanded, then fine sanded them, filled in small holes and painted them with a nice clear varnish to preserve the new look. We gave all the doors new black knobs and handles and restored all the hinges and gave them a new coat of black paint. We then touched up the white paint of the surrounding cabinets.

Finally, we built and installed two custom doors for the pantry sealing them clear to go with the overall look of the kitchen. The final results were worth the hard work. Mrs. Williams was happy with her new cabinets and doors. The accented wood also tied into and complimented the wooden floors of the rest of the house.

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