The Big Bamboo Gate

No small entryway!

The Challenge

For my Family residence I gave myself a huge challenge for the entry gate. When we purchased the property we found several old telephone poles hiding amidst some brush. What to do with them...? It was time to put the ideals of Custom Texas Living into action.

"Let's get to work!"

-David Williams
Owner of Custom Texas Living

Type of Project

Outdoor Renovation

Days Spent on the Project


The Results

I designed this massive King Kong/ Jurassic Park looking gate with local resources in mind. A neighbor down the road just happens to have a bamboo forest on his property and gave me permission to harvest some bamboo. to prepare the bamboo I ran into through fire in order to bring out the natural resin which acts like a wax helping to seal and preserve the bamboo. Then there were the telephone posts! Luckily I've watched plenty of ancient technology shows. We dug holes four feet down with an angled trench notched in. Next with the help of my Chevy truck and a couple brave friends we were able to erect the poles into position. A couple of bags of concrete later they were set. The last thing to do was to frame out the gate and attach the bamboo!!! In the end we have a ridiculous gateway , constructed with local and re-purposed materials, that never fails to impress our guests.

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