The Little Garden

Bringing back the Zen

The Challenge

Custom Texas Living was called back to this repeat clients home for a garden rescue.This small rock garden area was unlevel causing water to pool and not drain properly. It was also busy and over crowded with unnecessary paver stones leaving it looking just a bit messy. Our goal was to remove everything, and regrade the slope out and away from the home, bring in some new stone, and simplify the area giving it a more tranquil look.

"Let's get to work!"

-David Williams
Owner of Custom Texas Living

Type of Project

Outdoor Renovation

Days Spent on the Project


The Results

After removing everything including the stone we could see where there were several potholes and slopes. We first brought in new soil to fill in, and regrade the area for better water runoff. We also compacted the soil to help prevent unwanted erosion. Next we layed landscaping fabric to keep out the weeds and with the help of the client we created a new layout for the pavers and plotted plants. finally we back filled the entire are with new stones and replaced the potted plants in their new spots. In the end the client loved the look and the simple space we were able to recreate.

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