The Benette Fence

A detachable privacy fence for the new tiny home set up.

The Challenge

The Benette family was downsizing into two tiny homes in back of their Yoga studio property. However there was absolutely no privacy. They contacted us for help. They wanted a modern look with less maintenance and within a limited budget. The challenge was to also make the fence removable in sections for the eventual removal and relocation of the tiny homes. We designed the fence with a total of 6 removable panels which blended in seamlessly with the over all design. We were also pressed for time, the tiny homes were to be delivered in 7 days. Which was also the day in which the sale of their House was finalized, meaning on day 7 the family would be living in the tiny homes. We had to push it!!!

"Let's get to work!"

-David Williams
Owner of Custom Texas Living

Type of Project

Outdoor Renovation

Days Spent on the Project


The Results

We combined stainless steel accented with Shou-sugi-ban boards giving the fence the desired modern industrial look to fit in with the downtown urban environment. After a few long nights of torching wood, and hot days of building we got in Done! Just in the nick of time!!! The end result was A private courtyard with high walls shielding the family from the hustle and bustle of Downtown San Antonio.

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