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The Cherrity Bar


100% of profits to Charity

Custom Texas Living was introduced to the Cherrity Bar through a mutual friend and fellow creative. Within our initial introduction, we were impressed with the passion the founders had to give back to their local community through the profits from the bar. They were passionate about making a difference in San Antonio by doing something different. ​

Woven Gate

Woven Gate.

The owner of The Cherrity Bar asked for a fence that stood out, something truly unique. The salon doors, very common to Texas design, was not going to fit the request of something truly unique.

Custom Texas Living ran through several designs, building a unique woven design. When it was up, we were all shocked just how great it looked with the fence.

The Murals

The Murals.

The owner of the Cherrity Bar wanted their logo and main message to be visible from the street, car and pedestrian alike. Custom Texas Living, with great precision, hand-painted their logo to scale on the rain catchment.

Taking a step back, we saw what so many who passed by saw, "The Cherrity Bar: 100% of Profits to Charity."

Pallet Fence

Pallet Fence.

The Cherrity Bar had a simple vision: build a bar where 100% of the profits went to local charities. It is an incredible vision, and we were happy to help them. They had an idea for a fence made entirely of pallets, allowing something that would otherwise be discarded to be a part of a permanent structure.

The idea took off, and local businesses and friends made us aware of pallets that we could use. All told, 180 pallets formed the fence line of the Bar and, in a way, it was like the whole city had a chance to contribute.

Pallets Collected
Nails Used
Screws Used
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"They would work from 8AM into the night time to get the job done."

- Steve A.

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