The Martin Floor

Demolition & removal.

The Challenge

Mr. Martin was about halfway through renovating his home when he was left needing a hand. The existing floor in the living room and two bedrooms was in terrible disrepair.

Rotting in some places, damaged in others, and painted on and over by various painters. The floor needed to be removed in order to install a new floating floor.

"Let's get to work!"

-David Williams
Owner of Custom Texas Living

Type of Project

Indoor Renovation

Days Spent on the Project


The Results

Using a wedge, hammer, and pry bar we began to pry up and extract the layer of damaged wood exposing the subflooring. The pieces were quite long so we decided to use a circular saw to cut the floor into workable sections. Once cut into workable sections the old wood was pried up and disposed of. After all the wood was removed we had to make a final sweep removing exposed nails that had not come out completely with the wood.

The end result was a beautiful subfloor primed and ready to receive a brand new floating floor surface.

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