The Sosa Fence

Out with the old, in with the new.

The Challenge

Mr. & Mrs. Sosa reached out in April of 2018 for help rebuilding their fence. They had a gathering planned for the near future and their fence was hanging on by a thread. First we had to remove the old fence. Luckily the city was doing a trash collection so we did not have to haul the depleted materials away.

Constructing the new fence held severe challenges. A lush tree line had grown up alongside the existing fence. Because we are in South Texas, the trees and their shade are highly valuable, so we wanted to leave them intact as much as possible. Measurements would need to be precise to get the fence in place along the same lines. Roots of the trees, along with the densely rocky soil, made digging new holes for the posts tricky and labor intensive.

"Let's get to work!"

-David Williams
Owner of Custom Texas Living

Type of Project

Outdoor Renovation

Days Spent on the Project


The Results

The fence was completed on time and before the gathering took place. The Sosa’s and their guests were pleased with the new fence and the feel of their refreshed backyard.

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